Hey All

I’ve been busy with the four year old in the hospital for pneumonia this week (he got out last night – yay), the baby up all night with croup, and simultaneously trying to plan a fabulous pirate bash for the now-six(!!!) year old. I’ll post when I can, which is not today. Thanks for checking in, though.

If you want to comment, post me something funny – I could use funny this week.

Effect, Meet Cause

Unprofessional v. "Inappropriate"

Oh, this is too much. Maybe Ms. Prejean just shouldn’t be allowed to speak if she can’t form her own thoughts.

In other news, Michelle Bachman is “brilliant.” Who knew???

Why we are getting retakes today.

Ahoy, Mateys!

Almost 18 Months

Attention Babies!

50 Free Photocards and Free Shipping!

You can’t beat that!

See details HERE. The offer is good through the end of November 2009.

I’m excited about taking some holiday shots very soon…let’s hope the brood cooperates!

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