Blogroll, Please!

Hey – I’m pretty sure some of you have started/changed/moved blogs. And I’ve unfollowed (defollowed?) anyone who hasn’t posted in over six or eight months…visual clutter makes my brain hurt, sorry! So if you are up and posting again, let me know and if you have a new public blog you want me to visit/follow/link to/stalk, please post in the comments. J.H. and a few others I don’t think I have the locations of your latest efforts. Thanks!

Hey All

I’ve been busy with the four year old in the hospital for pneumonia this week (he got out last night – yay), the baby up all night with croup, and simultaneously trying to plan a fabulous pirate bash for the now-six(!!!) year old. I’ll post when I can, which is not today. Thanks for checking in, though.

If you want to comment, post me something funny – I could use funny this week.


If anyone knows how to fix the off and on wonky blog format, feel free to chime in – it’s driving me nuts. Thanks.

OK, now it’s back and I look dumb. Thanks Blogger! XOXO

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