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More Park

Monkey Do


This is her first real attempt at a slide – it’s been so hot, then rainy, then muddy, then mosquito-ey and then back to hot and so on. I feel bad that we haven’t been to the park more than a few times this fall, but the weather is nice now, so we’ll definitely start going more often.

An added bonus was that the boys actually asked if they could go to be early. Seriously – you cannot get any better than that – and they were out by the time their heads hit the pillows. Brilliant.

Guess who Peed on the Coffee Table?

No, not me!

It’s been one of those days – Her Highness Babybeast climbed onto the coffee table (not a problem), took off her diaper (small problem), and took a massive wee on the table (bigger problem). By the looks of it, she had been saving it up for days.

I was in the kitchen organizing the cupcake sprinkles (No, not kidding, yes, I know, my life is so glam), and heard squeals of delight coming from the living room. Of course, I didn’t realize it was because she was happily splashing about in the sogginess of a pee puddle. Awesome.

Here’s hoping the day improves. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Protected: Halloween Flower Fairy 2009

The Kittysuit

By request, here’s the babe at the neuro appointment. Full body shots with tail will have to wait – she wouldn’t look up when I tried to take some outside today. Far too busy gathering acorns – you would have thought she was wearing a squirrel suit by the way she went about collecting them in her little paws.


Mr. Lawyer asked me, “Why does the baby keep yelling “No!” at me and whacking me in the face?” (He’s not kidding – for the record, she wields a mean uppercut.)

Me: “She’s showing you your nose, honey. Isn’t that sweet – she has a new word? Just acknowledge it, tell her she’s smart, and she’ll move on to poking you in the eye instead.”

Mr. Lawyer: “Why can’t you just teach her about belly buttons?”

Protected: Noggin Report II

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