Is it October, Already?

We’ve been busy in Lawyerland…real  busy.  Mostly busy with school stuff (and with gestating, for those not in the know).

Anyway, I saw an incredible blog post today that compelled me to repost.  In part because it needs to be read by people that just don’t understand why atheists get up in arms about things they don’t consider important.  And in part because I need put it somewhere permanent so I can easily reread it to remind myself why I feel so frustrated sometimes and why it’s OK to feel like that.

I certainly am not an angry person, but I can’t say some of the points in the blog post don’t make me angry – you don’t have to be an angry person to be upset…even horrified, saddened, and terribly frustrated by injustices.

Unfortunately too many people are only upset when negative actions affect them directly – we’ve seen this throughout history.  And, particularly since atheism is mistakenly perceived as a choice by most (and an evil one at that), discrimination is much more easily rationalized than other characteristics/features/beliefs.  Have a read and just see if it doesn’t make you a little angry too.

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