Fish Tank Cleaned. Not exactly part of the decrapping project, but it needed doing and now Mavis and Ben, the tetras, are super frisky. All two of them.

Meds Organized. I sorted the kids’ medicines and things like instant ice packs, slings, all that good stuff. It’s now in one of these things, which will be a lot neater than the one box it was all tossed into before. My middle one has asthma and so we always have boxes and boxes of albuterol and his other meds plus loads of Benedryl in different forms and now it’s all tidy. Exciting enough, though, since it’s taken me the better part of 6 years to organize it all.

Nursery Decluttered. I put away all her 2T clothes that had been laying around since I switched her into 3T a few months ago. I had it all in neat piles and then someone decided it was great fun to chuck clothes around the room and it pretty well deteriorated from there. Anyway, when I started there wasn’t a whole lot of carpet showing. And now there is.

On deck next: Children’s school artwork needs sorting and storing. Perhaps tomorrow when they are in school, since they cannot be here to witness me recycling any of their work – that surely would not go well.

I sent a trunk full o’ junk home with my mom today for her to drop off at NAM. If I can’t use it, maybe someone else can. It’s starting to look pretty good in here!

On another note, I signed us all up at the Y, so that should be fun. I hope it’s something we actually use. Goodness knows, we need to use it!

Off to burn and label 150 CDs for Mister Lawyers seminar speech this week…..

I hesitate to post this….



Here’s the (somewhat horrifying) before and after shots of the much-ignored upstairs linen closet:

BEFORE (Eeeeek!!!):

AFTER (Ahhhh!):

A shot of the stuff going out to charity. And, yes, it is fun to chuck things off the catwalk.

Oh, that wire is from my floor steamer….I also have freshly steamed floors. I don’t normally leave wires around for little people to trip/pull/chew on. I have one of these little gadgets and it’s been worth every cent so far. I highly recommend it.

2009 Decrapping Project

We’ve lived here for ten years come August. And in that ten years, we’ve accumulated a lot. I’m attempting to decrap the house – purge the junk and useless stuff we don’t need and probably never will need. I should be systematically going room by room, but it’s more of a random process so far.

When Mr. Lawyer and I talk about “my stuff” and “his stuff,” “his stuff” is literally his personal stuff. His clothes, his sports collectibles, his tools, his actual stuff.

“My stuff” is everything else in the house. Everything for the house, family photo albums, holiday stuff. Everything on the walls, everything in the kitchen, everything decorative, all of it. Oh, and all three kids’ stuff – that’s my stuff. Yep – all “my” stuff. The only stuff that he would admit joint ownership to are the electronics and the vehicles. Oh, and the house itself, I suppose. He’s not keen on it, so maybe not even that.

So when we are decluttering our stuff he’s not very useful, the excuse is that in comparison, he has so little stuff compared to mine and why don’t I get rid of mine?

To his credit, he got rid of boxes and boxes of papers and…stuff….from the downstairs office several months ago. It was very times consuming, and he attacked it like a champ – it was awesome.

However, he has a full closet full of his college attire that he will never fit back into. He thinks the boys will wear it one day…hell, at the rate they are growing, they probably will. But it’s a LOT of clothes. And some if it, not so attractive….. Skinny ties anyone? I’m not sure it’s worth taking up an entire closet for, but maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

Oh, lord – and his books, CDs and DVDs…I’m talking thousands of each. Stuff far too nice to throw out or give away, but it does take up a massive amount of room, you know? I’m not sure there really is a remedy, though some of the books need to go. Do we really need that vintage C+ programming guide? And by vintage, I mean of course, completely obsolete.

I admittedly have a ton of holiday junk. I’ve been trying to prune as we go through the year, but then I hit the after holiday sale and we’re back to square one. And honestly, I think now is the time to enjoy holiday crap – when the kids are young. I can always chuck it when they are older, right? I do make a point of getting rid of the really junky stuff, though. Hooray for! So part of the decrapping project will attempt to reorganize the stuff, so it will all fit back int he rear of the Master closet, instead of infringing on the rest of the room.

On the project list (I’m documenting this as much for me as anything else):

~The Linen Closet – reorganize and purge…TODAY!
~The Nursery Closet – reorganize and purge. This is more work than you’d think since the disarray has spilled out onto the the floor and threatens to swallow the baby as she sleeps.
~The Master Closet – reorganize and purge. Probably 2 full days worth of effort needed here…it’s a BIG closet.
~The large box of unread magazines that I haven’t gotten to yet.
~The other large box of unread magazines that I haven’t gotten to yet….maybe donate to the hospital?
~The coupon box – organize.
~The kids’ art supplies – reorganize into super cute bins I bought.
~Boxes and bozes and boxes of legal books (anyone need a full set of reporters or Texas Jurisprudence? No?) – this alone will free up about 18 file boxes worth of space and I’ve been given the OK to find it a new home (!!!!)

With 3 kids 5 and under, the progress is slower than you might think…for every minute I spend cleaning, they spend that same minute cluttering, spilling, spreading, dumping, destroying, or pooing in or on some other part of the house. One step forward, two steps back. But it’s better than just two steps back, right?

I think we’ll be in better shape once I can get rid of all the baby toys and clothes. We want another kid, in theory, but I don’t think we’re going to have one. Age, finances, blah blah blah. It just makes sense to stop now. That said, I’m not really ready to purge the infant stuff she’s outgrown or won’t use yet….that and the fear that once I do we’ll have a little surprise in the oven. You guys know how much space that all takes up though…two full closets and pretty much the whole spare room full of pack and play, exersaucer, highchairs, etc. A ton of stuff. It will be really cathartic to get rid of it when I’m ready…..both mentally and for the physical space it will free up.

We know we are going to move at some point…don’t know how far, could be across town, could be to another state. I keep thinking “would I take this with us?” As it turns out, there’s not a lot of stuff here I’d actually take with us, especially to another state.

Off I go….hitting the linen closet first. Everything that isn’t donation-worthy will got to the local cat shelter – they can always use linens of all types. Here we go!

How Clean is Your House?

The kids and I watched two episodes of How Clean is Your House? today on BBC America. I didn’t even know we had BBC America, but that’s another tangent.

The answer to the question, is not clean enough, but a heck of a lot cleaner than the homes that were featured. Oh dear lord was it disgusting. My 5 year old actually said, “Mommy, it’s too gross. I’m scared – turn it off, turn it off!” So I did. We missed the end of the episode featuring the dogwalker’s flat. I’ll trust that it came out nice and shiny, but went to work here to avoid the fate of the homes featured.

How is it that you can clean and clean and clean and yet the house looks just as bad as when you started? Or worse! It seems that if you want to do a really thorough job, you end up taking things out of cabinets and drawers and boxes and throwing some of it on the bed to organize later, and some into the laundry basket to fold or sort through for charity and before long you have an entire room full of mess when before you only had a bit of clutter and a floor that needed vacuuming. Or is it just me? Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way.

My goal lately is to reduce the amount of Stuff in the house. Stuff takes up a lot of space and it seems to breed when you aren’t looking. I have a theory that, unless you are Aaron Spelling, no matter how large a house you own, most people will accumulate enough Stuff to make it seem too small. We certainly have.

So I’m on a Stuff Purging Mission, which is why, in part, when I clean, it gets seemingly messier – the Stuff comes out of the woodwork. Apparently I have all this stuff in a some sort of a real life zip file, and uncompressing it makes it take up an entire room, whereas before it was all bunged into a cabinet. How is that possible? I would think it defies the laws of physics, but I’m no expert there.

Yesterday, in addition to a master bathroom scrub down, dishwashing all and recycling or tossing some of the bath toys, I bundled up all the sippy cups we don’t use, the ones missing part, and the ones that I’m 90 but not 100% sure they don’t contain BPA and send them to recycling or charity, as appropriate. Three plastic grocery bags full and yet the cabinet is still full. Decluttered, but still full – how is that possible? If only Newton were alive to explain.

One cabinet down, a bajillion to go. Next stop, the master bedroom armoire… [cue Psycho theme music]


Last night before her Birthday:

Smiling pretty for the official Birthday photo:

“What? I got an ear infection for my birthday?”

Happy Birthday Babybeast!

Yellow Crowned Night Heron….in Love

I ran across a Yellow Crowned Night Heron yesterday at the arboretum.

“The Yellow Crested Night Heron is a very rare and elusive bird. To find this bird, like any bird, it is necessary to understand what its life is like.

When and where it will be is predictable, but sometimes it is just luck. The sun going down and coming up sets a timetable of activity. High tide and low tide can provide for many a time to eat or a time to build nests.

The Yellow Crested Night Heron is a difficult bird to see. It is called a Night Heron because of its nocturnal habits. It likes cool sleeping spots and nesting over still water. It seems to pick dark shade deep in the woods or caves at the edges of lagoons or in a gallery of trees that stand in water.”

The park worker said that this particular one had shown up in the early morning and had been there at the pond all day; unusual behavior for a nocturnal bird.

We’ll call him Romeo. Romeo fell hard for a pretty little thing we’ll call Juliet. Juliet is lovely, attractive, and graceful, and unfortunately for Romeo, made entirely of plastic.

Despite his sexy suave bird moves, he is unable to get Juliet’s attention and pines for her. Predictably, she continued to play hard to get:

He strutted left and right, showed off his wings, did a thing with his beak (see video) and tried so hard to impress her…it was a little sad, actually, knowing he was going to get shot down again and again. Hopefully if he remains there, they will remove the plastic bird – at least until he moves on to a lady friend who will appreciate his charms.


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