Whoopie: Glenn Beck a “Lying Sack of Dog Mess”

Mental Illness Fosters Creativity?

We’ve all suspected that highly creative people suffer from a higher incidence of mental illness – Vincent Van Gogh, Sir Isaac Newton, Vivien Leigh, Abraham Lincoln, Virginia Woolf, Shawn Colvin, Charles Schultz, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Michelangelo, Charles Dickens, Bette Midler…the list goes on and on.

Now there’s a study out suggesting why that might be the case:

High creative skills have been shown to be somewhat more common in people who have mental illness in the family. Creativity is also linked to a slightly higher risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Certain psychological traits, such as the ability to make unusual pr bizarre associations are also shared by schizophrenics and healthy, highly creative people. And now the correlation between creativity and mental health has scientific backing.

“We have studied the brain and the dopamine D2 receptors, and have shown that the dopamine system of healthy, highly creative people is similar to that found in people with schizophrenia,” says associate professor Fredrik Ullén from Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Women’s and Children’s Health.

Just which brain mechanisms are responsible for this correlation is still something of a mystery, but Dr Ullén conjectures that the function of systems in the brain that use dopamine is significant; for example, studies have shown that dopamine receptor genes are linked to ability for divergent thought. Dr Ullén’s study measured the creativity of healthy individuals using divergent psychological tests, in which the task was to find many different solutions to a problem.

You can read more here.

In summary:

“Thinking outside the box might be facilitated by having a somewhat less intact box,” says Dr Ullén about his new findings.

Mini Texas History Lesson of the Day

On May 19, 1848, Mexico ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, formally ceding Texas, California, and most of Arizona and New Mexico to the U.S.

Despite what you may have heard from our esteemed Governor Goodhair,  you’re stuck with us for the long haul, now, suckers!!!

[Insert evil laugh here]

Dirty Politics in English Class

A Jefferson High School teacher has been removed from the classroom after a student complained of racist remarks.

Senior Augustine Ortiz said he was in English class one day late last week, and his teacher began the class with a discussion of the changes to immigration enforcement law in Arizona.

The new law has created a firestorm of controversy in recent weeks, sparking a series of protests and plans for legal challenges.

Ortiz, who was wearing a jersey from a Mexican soccer team, said the teacher told him to sit in the front row.

She proceeded to single him out repeatedly, Ortiz said, pointing at him as she made comments like, “The Mexicans with their attitudes are the racist ones.”

Continuing to point at Ortiz, she allegedly told the class that Mexicans always “expect handouts” and “soon it’s going to be the United States of Mexico,” according to Ortiz.

There are about only about 12 class days of school left before summer break.  I predict this teacher will not have her contract (Teachers in Texas are typically under contract) renewed.

And why should she?  Assuming the report is accurate, rather than being some spur of the moment comment made in poor taste, she actually planned to single this boy out in front of his class to belittle him and his family’s culture.  To make him feel like less of a person.  How would anyone from any point on the political spectrum think this is acceptable?  It’s simply not.

I can understand classes having spirited discussions over the pros and cons of various political/policy issues – classes like social studies or history or government or anything like that.  In speech class we practiced each side of a debate for the sake of learning to argue effectively.   But these debates and other class discussions were intelligent, well-thought out in advance by the educator, and based primarily on facts.  They were not one-sided, and most importantly, they never involved students’ personal situations.

I noticed also that this was an English class.  What business does politics of this nature (assuming you can call this politics, because it sounds to me like a racist rant with no foothold in reasonable logic whatsoever) have in an English class?  What happened to Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, for Pete’s sake?

I hope young Mr. Ortiz gets a proper apology and I hope that the teacher involved, if this turns out to be true, is not renewed for next year, because she’s not the sort of person we need inspiring our children.  Our kids need to be inspired to create, to succeed, and to lead…not to hate one another.

h/t to Alan.com.

OK, I lied….

…about not posting.

If you aren’t aware, Geico fired their voice-over guy, Lance Baxter:

Baxter acknowledges that GEICO has fired him after it became known that he left a voice mail for the “tea party” organization Freedom Works that asked “what (are) the percentages of people that are mentally retarded who work for the organization and are members of it?” He also asked how Freedom Works will “spin it when one of your members does actually kill somebody?”

You can read more HERE.

Anyway – he’s back and I couldn’t resist posting this hilarious video.

May, Already?

Hi, there – haven’t forgotten the blog.   I’ve got a big event this week that I’m working on…..will be back after Wednesday.

Can you even read this comic?  It’s awful tiny, isn’t it?

From Nataliedee.com:

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