I’m going to have to get rid of this stuff – I keep eating it even though it makes me feel like crap. Mmmm, but it’s tasty. Just one more Reese’s….

I bought enough candy for approximately 4500 trick or treaters. Mr. Lawyer reports that we actually got nine, give or take. So I have something like 150 pounds of candy left – and it’s going with Mr. Lawyer to work. He won’t eat it. OK, he’ll probably eat all the Almond Joys, but the rest he’ll dump in the kitchen area of the office and it will probably be gone within a half hour – we have found people there eat anything.

Crackers that no one likes? Send them to work.

Cookies that come out not-spectacular? Send them to work.

Box of baked goods that I realize in horror contain transfats and refuse to feed to the kids? Send it to work.

It’s actually kind of a joke that there is no foodstuff that someone at his office won’t eat. I would never send anything stale or actually burned or anything nasty like that, but if it’s perfectly good food that for whatever reason isn’t welcome in my house, off to work it goes and it apparently welcomed by the overworked and underfed.
I’ll admit, there have been a few items that I told him to dump anonymously. They disappeared in record time. I won’t go into specifics other than to say not all my baking experiments turn out like the photo.

Of the Halloween take, I siphoned off all of the peanut candy (yum), the stuff made in China, anything made in Mexico, a bunch of Saf-T-Pops that look like they had sat in a hot car too long, all of the Tootsie Roll Products (which I adore but just noticed they contain Partially Hydrogenated oil), the jawbreakers, cheap bubblegum, super sour candies (Very acidic – those are terrible for little teeth!), and anything really difficult to chew. It’s all going to work along with the stuff we bought to give out. Oh, don’t worry – there is plenty left. Lots of chocolate and Junior Mints and SweetTarts and tons of other things.

Oh, and about food made in China – we don’t eat it if we know about it. China is notoriously lax in their food manufacturing standards (remember the horror of the melamine in the baby formula?) and it has extended to many products. There is no guarantee that anything that comes out of that country is what it claims to be, particularly with regard to food products. Further, even if the manufacturer is an honest one, China is so horrifically polluted that the food is almost certainly contaminated from the water and other ingredients that were used in its production.

“Environmental woes that might be considered catastrophic in some countries can seem commonplace in China: industrial cities where people rarely see the sun; children killed or sickened by lead poisoning or other types of local pollution; a coastline so swamped by algal red tides that large sections of the ocean no longer sustain marine life.”

So, the Halloween candy from China doesn’t go to work – it goes in the trash. I have no problem pawning off mediocre snacks on Mr. Lawyer’s co-workers, but I draw the line at poisoning them.

Now, will it be a snack sized Milky Way or a Snickers? Decisions, decisions…..

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