April Fool’s Day…

…was four days ago – I know.  And it’s never really been a big deal deal in my family, or, I suspect, most families.  It’s kind of a B-movie type of holiday:  while ignored by most, a few folks go crazy over April Fool’s Day even though it’s campy, offbeat, and doesn’t have much of a marketing budget.

My kids live for holidays – they are continually asking when the next one is and get excited even though the next “holiday” may not mean much of a change in day to day activities for them.   When the 7 year old heard about April Fool’s Day he was enraptured and spent weeks designing pranks that had absolutely no hope of fooling anyone.

I decided to make it memorable for them.

When they opened their lunch boxes at school, instead of their normal fare, they each found this:

Sealed 16oz Can of Organic Beans

Unpopped Bag of Microwave Popcorn

Plastic Fruit

A Spoon

The kicker was this:  I was there – at both lunch periods, so I got to see the fun.  Kindergarten has lunch at 10:30 (!!!) in the morning and first grade at 11:00, so I hustled over to the school and from a hidden location witnessed them each open their lunches, take each item out, stare at it – puzzled, rotate it, stare at it some more and wonder if they were really supposed to eat it with the provided spoon somehow and if so how?

And then, of course, I popped out, said “April Fool’s!” and gave them a big hug and their real lunch – slices of hot pizza I had brought from home.  I was declared the “Best Mommy Ever!!!*”

In any event, I think that’s something they will remember for a good long while – hopefully it will overshadow some of my lesser parenting moments….of which there are many.  Now I just need to plan something even better for next year!



*Tonight I was declared the “Worst Mommy Ever!!!”  You can’t win ’em all.


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