Indiana Deputy AG on Wisconsin Protests

According to ThinkProgress, in response to a Mother Jones tweet this weekend suggesting that riot police could be used to clear protesters from the capitol building in Madison, Indiana Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Cox tweeted back:  “Use live ammunition.”

Cox remained steadfast in his position that the protesters should be killed when confronted on Twitter by Mother Jones’ Adam Weinstein, writing that “against thugs physically threatening legally-elected state legislators & governor? You’re damn right I advocate deadly force.” (There have been no reports that the protesters have physically threatened any elected officials).

Mother Jones contacted the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, and a spokesman told the magazine that Cox’s statements were “inflammatory” and that there would be “an immediate review” Cox’s online statements. “We do not condone any comments that would threaten or imply violence or intimidation toward anyone,” he added.

Wow.  Considering things are looking pretty shaky in Indiana right now, that was an incredibly irresponsible thing to say – even if, giving him the benefit of the doubt, it was said in jest.  And when you are in any kind of political position, it’s absolutely inappropriate to joke about killing off peaceful civilians – ever.  Because it’s not funny.

Cox has a history of inappropriate outbursts, so this isn’t a huge surprise – what is a huge surprise is that no one in authority has told him to STFU (and demand he deactivate his twitter account) yet.  He’s an embarrassment to the state and a threat to the rights of the peaceful protesters  in Indiana.  I hope some swift action is taken and an apology is forthcoming.

If there’s some follow up information I will post it, but don’t expect the source material to be from Fox News, because I have a feeling that this story won’t exactly be a breaking story on their network.

UPDATE: Mr. Cox has been canned.



  1. Pliny the Elder said,

    February 23, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    I served as a deputy attorney general in Indiana in the 90s. Apparently the standards have declined considerably.
    I have always been a big fan of the army poster that shows the smiling sergeant with a steaming mug saying, “How about a nice hot cup of shut the f**k up.”

    • February 23, 2011 at 4:51 pm

      Pliny – where are you from….I’ve seen your name around the interwebz somewhere, no?

  2. Pliny the Elder said,

    February 23, 2011 at 5:44 pm

    I moved from Indiana in 1997. I post mostly at yahoo and oregonlive. My name comes from an excellent Russian River Brewing Co. double IPA.

    • February 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm

      Hmm…maybe an atheist blog? Or you have a screen name double floating around.

      **See also update above**

      • Pliny the Elder said,

        February 24, 2011 at 12:25 pm

        I have also posted on
        I flirt with agnosticism, but do not believe that I have ever been an atheist, but if I have a doppelganger so be it.

    • February 23, 2011 at 5:58 pm

      I beat you to it, Am. 😉 You should have posted while I was making out like a bandit on greek yogurt at Kroger. xxx

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