“Obama sticker causes road rage”

That’s the caption under news video featured in a news story about a man who (allegedly) became so enraged at a vehicle sporting an Obama-Biden bumper sticker that he decided to tackle the problem himself, namely, by ramming the car, containing a ten-year old child and her father, with his SUV.  Out of control?  Yes.  Hateful?  Yes?  Unexpected?  Not anymore.

And no doubt the Obama sticker caused the road rage, per the caption.  It had nothing to do with the innocent wing-nut ramming his fellow Americans with his SUV.  Clearly, the sticker is to blame and should serve hard time for inciting the violence.  Bad, BAD sticker!!!

Yesterday I mentioned on another site that when my baby doesn’t get her way, she cries and flails angrily about for a few minutes and if that doesn’t get her what she wants (it doesn’t), she will sometimes creep over and bite me on the foot.

I guess the tantrums aren’t working out for the angry righties and because some of them are at the emotional development level of a 22 month old toddler, they are dealing with it in essentially the same way, albeit on a larger scale.

Way to get your point across, whackos – I’m sure you’ll get the law repealed this way.


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  1. March 31, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    […] pm (Uncategorized) Tags: hopey changey, palin, politics, Tea Party Because it worked out so well the last time someone tried it, Sarah Palin is urging her followers to stop drivers with Obama bumper stickers on their vehicles […]

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