The First Step Is Admitting You Have Problem

I gots one.

I just downed an unholy amount of Veggie Crunchers – they are deeeeeelish!

I’m feeling rather…….full.

They were so nice, I was going to do a review and whatnot, but for reasons unknown, the product is not featured on its manufacturer, Amport Food’s website, which is annoying. And then I was going to take a photo of the bag, but, quite frankly, it’s much less attractive when it’s not full (read: mostly empty), so I’m linking you to someone else’s blog for pics instead. She has a great review on there as well.

Veggie Crunchers are basically thinly sliced vegetables (sweet potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, taro, and green beans) vacuum dried, rather than fried and then lightly coated in nonhydrogenated canola oil and sea salt. I admit I had to look up Taro since I can’t say I’m the most adventurous eater out there.

The result is fantastic. They are just as crisp and crunchy as if they has been deep fried, but without the scary carcinogenic health risks. Each variety is sweet yet salty, but not overwhelmingly either. And the green beans, which are not my favorite vegetable, are crispy and sweet and almost unrecognizable to the palate. And yes, the taro is quite tasty as well.

There are no preservatives or artificial colors – the veggies keep their own colors quite well. Besides fresh vegetables, canola oil, and sea salt, the only other ingredient is dextrin, which makes for a short ingredients list which makes for a happy mommy. I cannot tell you how often I am excited about a product and yet horrified by the ingredients list.

I’m under no delusion that this product can replace vegetables on a daily basis, but it’s a great choice for school lunches, on-the-go-snacks, or to replace a less healthy option.

The downside is that as far as I can tell, the product is available only at Costco where I paid six-something for a fourteen ounce bag.

The picky four year old begged me to try them and promptly spat out the carrot I offered. I don’t think it was what he was expecting – carrots are his favorite veggie, but the texture was so different. He then he warily tried some of the other flavors. I may or may not have fibbed and said they were all “fancy potatoes” but he liked them enough to finish what I offered him and ask for a couple more pieces.

Babybeast ate the bits I gave her and screeched for more, so they were definitely a hit with her.

The five year old is part goat. He devours most anything in his path. I have have absolutely no doubt that he will snarf however much he is offered and then hound me for more. The child eats almost constantly – this is the one who is likely to be 6’5″ or so like his uncle.

Mr. Lawyer will not get to sample them, but he’d probably like them if I had left any for him to try….


Post Script to Franken Amendment Controversy

The Dept. of Defense opposed it as well. The article deserves a read – several interesting tidbits in there.

I promise, I’ll post some cheerier stuff later today, ok?

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