Oink Oink!

I came down with some sort of flu on Tuesday. By Tuesday night, I was cocooned in blankets praying for death. Shivered and sweated all night – you know, the typical flu, right? My hipbones and the other 206 bones were aching so bad, I wanted them removed STAT.

I’m recovering now and indeed I think I might live, though I still have a sore throat and incredible exhaustion. But the fever is gone and with it, that nasty shivering weakness that accompanies it.

According to the wisdom of the internet, the “regular flu” is possible in the summer months, but not altogether probable, leaving me with the following options: a) Not the flu at all and b) H1N1, better known to most of us as the “swine” flu.

As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter – the cure for most people is the same as any other flu – stay home, drink fluids, and rest up. Easier said than done with 3 kids, but they’ve been helping out as best they can (they are all recovering from a nasty virus themselves).

Which, of course, takes me back to a previous post.

So I’ve been quiet here for a few days…I’m hoping to make some banana bread with those sad bananas that have lingered in the kitchen for a week while we have all been sick. If it turns out well, I’ll post the recipe. In the meantime, I’m wishing everyone a healthy week and weekend.

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