I’m Surprised This Hasn’t Happened to Us

Police are ‘it,’ assist in Pa. hide-and-seek game

GREENVILLE, Pa. – A Pennsylvania toddler did such a remarkable job of hiding during a game of hide-and-seek that the family had to call police and firefighters to help find her.

Two-year-old Natalie Jasmer was playing the game with her siblings Tuesday in their Pymatuning Township home. When the family couldn’t find her, parents Dennis and Michelle Jasmer called authorities.

Emergency crews and friends frantically searched the neighborhood about 70 miles northwest of Pittsburgh for about an hour.

The family’s dog, Copper, finally sniffed her out. She had fallen asleep in a drawer underneath the family’s washing machine.

The little girl told her family she was sorry. Hide-and-seek is now banned in the Jasmer household.


I keep the doors deadbolted when we are home, otherwise I have no doubt that the above scenario would have already happened.

Well, actually, there was this one time in college that I went missing and people started to worry, but they eventually found me passed out in a pile of laundry in the back of the closet. But I digress….

Other than the terrible feelings of panic the family must have felt before she was located, it’s a pretty amusing story. I’m sure the little girl will be hearing about it throughout her childhood and beyond.


OK – I just saw this and had to add it. Click the title for the rest of the article:

NEW YORK – A runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport was shut down briefly Wednesday morning after at least 78 turtles emerged from a nearby bay and crawled onto the tarmac……

“Apparently, this is something the tower has experienced before,” said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters. “I guess it’s the season for spawning.”

…The FAA halted flights for about 12 minutes shortly before 9 a.m. while some of the turtles were cleared away, then quit using the runway entirely after getting new reports of “massive numbers” of turtles on the tarmac….


So that’s awesome and I had to post it…I keep replaying an image of a herd of turtles crossing a runway (hertle?) en masse. Even better, no turtles were apparently harmed during the mini-migration.


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