This is my 100th Post

What shall I use it for? The possibilities are limitless…..

First order of business. I’ve been having this computer problem….it was a pain. Nothing would install….my windows installer got corrupted about 6 months ago or inexplicably SNAFU’d or something along those lines which meant no Windows updates, no Norton updates, no new programs (I’ve been wanting to install Photoshop Elements 7 for months now and TurboTax wouldn’t take either), no Java updates and thus I couldn’t print off internet coupons and so on and so forth…you see what trouble it was?

Anyway, my best buddy in the whole internet world forever and ever and ever and ever and ever walked me through fixing the problem and I am successfully installing updates left and right and running the newly updates Norton at this very minute. Woooohoooo!!!!!!!!


Second order of business. I think you-know-who is teething again. Yes, Ms. 11 Months Old Today. She’s had a hard time settling at night and I’m feeling a little sore in the boobular regions….I think she might have some molars coming in. Wasn’t she just born last month? Too big, too fast.

And lastly, when I was a kid, my dad always used to claim that one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two hours after. Logically, this makes no sense, of course. 8 hours sleep is 8 hours sleep, no matter when you get it. However, I’ve come to think there is some validity to it after all.

I do feel vastly better if I go to bed at 10:30 or 11 and sleep for 7 or 8 hours than if I call it a night in the early morning. Even moreso now that I have three small people, several feline friends, and occasionally even Mr. Lawyer disrupting my sleep. I wonder what the sleep geeks have to say about that?

Speaking of being unduly woken, my 5 year old woke me last night by yelling Mommy Mommy Mommy!!! I sprinted upstairs thinking he had woken from a nightmare or needed emergency help finding the bathroom (he’s a very deep sleeper). No, not exactly. He sat up in bed and told me matter of factly that “Sometimes it is windy outside, Mommy. And sometimes it is not.” Seriously? I ran up here for that? I don’t mind getting up to deal with real or imagined crises, don’t get me wrong, but after all the yelling, his observation about the wind was somewhat underwhelming at 3:00 a.m. And so it goes.

Norton is still happily scanning. Life is good.


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