The 5 year old got the cast off today and they pulled out the pins, which were much larger than I had expected. And they used a sort of wrench thing……ew. That was rather unpleasant for both of us and I didn’t even get candy afterward.

It will take a few weeks for him to regain movement in it – right now he can’t move it at all. I guess I wasn’t expecting that…not to that degree anyway.

Oh, and I asked to bring the pins home to keep. I’ll maybe take a snap of them tomorrow if I think about it. My mother was horrified. Ha.

His bestest little buddy in the whole wide world is having a birthday party on Saturday and he’s really excited about it. Sadly, it’s at a gymnastics place and he won’t be able to participate. We’ve been told no leaping about for a few weeks. But of course he can eat cake and he’s ok with that.

He did well, my brave little guy.


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