Babybeast is Nine Months Old

Technically she has been nine months for a few days, but she had her “well baby” visit today, which typically consists of several needle jabs and a very sad mommy.

I requested that we put off her vaccines since she has been ill and the pediatrician didn’t blink, which I appreciate. I also asked to have her allergy tested via blood testing since we had to endure the bloodletting anyway for the lead test. One of her brothers is extremely peanut-allergic and reacts to several other things as well.

He tested positive around nine months, so if she has it, she almost certainly will too. Hopefully she will be like her oldest brother and at worst be plagued with seasonal pollen allergies – they will make you miserable, but they won’t kill you.

Oh and this will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen her, but at 24.5 lbs she’s at the 99.7th percentile of fatness for baby girls, or as plotted in a scientific manner, well off  The Chart. Unfortunately, she’s only at the 75th percentile in height. Which means, as my pediatrician kindly pointed out, that, “she doesn’t miss a meal, eh?” No, no she doesn’t.

The second boy was 27lbs by nine months, though, and he’s pretty skinny now and the oldest was 26 pounds and change and he’s very tall yet proportionate, so I have hope that Ms. Chubbywumpus, who is actually more active than either boy ever was, will thin out with time. I’ll have to post a photo soon to mark nine months – maybe tomorrow if she seems agreeable to posing.

Hooray to me for surviving nine months (and counting) of being a mommy to three!

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