Valentine’s Tree

I bought a 4′ Christmas tree on clearance. Originally $19.99, 90% off. So it was $2.00. It is sparkly silver and prelit. Sadly, I did not check the box for contents, however, because it is missing its stand. Well, 2/3 of its stand. Which makes it sort of (ok, very) pathetic, but nonetheless a good deal for $2.00.

Because I hadn’t bothered to put it away with the Christmas things, it was set up in the dining room. Wonky. Mr. Lawyer wanted to know what on earth I was doing with it and I decided right then to have the kids make a Valentine’s Tree out of it. To a) save face from not having put the tree away by late January and b) to keep the Beastlings busy for a few minutes making decorations.

The worked diligently yesterday and today and I have to say their efforts are quite lovely. The stand is still an issue. It’s in a glass jar filled with red scrunchy gift bag filler for now, not the best solution for kids. And on the kitchen counter so Babybeast won’t attempt to devour it. And she would. Oh, would she ever.

Mister Lawyer, I suspect, thinks it’s hideous. And he’s right. But we like it anyway.

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