2009 Veggie Project

I think it’s good for kids to grow things – it teaches them where our food comes from, how our food is grown, and how to take care of living things. And it teaches something other than the immediate gratification that most kids are used to.

So being that it’s pretty warm here already, I dragged everyone to Lowe’s and we bought some veggie planting paraphernalia. Mister Lawyer has issues with me digging up his lawn, so we are restricted to container gardening for now. I thought we should start with little seed posts, since I’m not sure anything is going to grow at all and we chose the greener choice – that being little biodegradable peat pots which are also quite reasonably priced.

I chose organic seed starter and though we should have gotten fully organic potting soil, I just grabbed the Miracle Gro for veggies they had at the exit. I might return that though, since we’re using the seed starter so far.

We are using Sunflowers, Snow Peas, Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Zucchini, Carrots, Radishes, and an African Daisy mix.

Here is the planting process. Note how he poured the seed starter medium in ever so precisely?

They had fun, which was important. They really dig that dirt.

I’ll report back as to what grows. Not only is it only January, which is not known as an ideal veggie month, but it seems that some of this stuff is supposed to be planted in the early summer and some in the Fall, but it says “after last frost” which will be this month, no doubt (they are in the garage for now). So I guess we’ll see, right? If nothing else, the Sunflowers are my safety – if nothing else sprouts, those are sure to grow, probably to impossible proportions. I’ll add strawberries later on and whatever else I need to replace those of these that meet an untimely demise.

Wish us luck!


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