Promise Not to Tell

I finished Promise Not to Tell, by Jennifer McMahon this morning. It was a compelling, easy read with a well-written, complex story. In short, a good spooky read. I started it yesterday evening and had a hard time putting it down to go to bed. Most of the characters are quite vivid and well woven. I didn’t read any reviews or the Amazon synopsis before picking up the book and reading them now, I’m glad I didn’t, though the reviews are generally very good. They tend to give away information best gleaned from the book itself.

Off to get everyone ready for the aforementioned Arboretum outing….

The Library

I picked the boys up from preschool and asked them, “Who wants to go to the library?” The shrieks of “Me! Me! Me! Me!!!!” made me proud. I only hope they are this enthusiastic about reading in the coming years.

I picked up a few books for me, too. It’s good for them to see me reading and of course it’s good for me to be reading.

I’m turning off the computer now to go and read them.

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