Witness my Cheapitude

Being a stay at home parent has its downsides. Namely, I am paid primarily in freeflowing hugs and slobbery kisses. Unfortunately, those things aren’t recognized as legal tender in this state, so I’ve had to become quite resourceful to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Today I used some $5 off a $5 purchase coupons that I got for signing up my email address at Kohls combined with some serious clearance deals there and at Target and got the following:

6′ Christmas Tree (originally $24.99)
Package of 44 small red and silver shatterproof ornaments (originally $9.99)
Two Play Doh Playsets (originally $9.99 each)
Two 4-packs of Play Doh (originally $4.99 each)
Two Playskool bath toys sets (originally $5.99 each)
One organic cotton 4T girl’s Pajama set (originally $26.00)

Total Original Price = $111.41

My price: $8.78

I’ll use the ornaments and tree for the kids’ tree next year since we had an unfortunate, um, incident, with their current one and it’s no longer useable.

The Play Doh playsets and Play Doh 4-packs will be from the Easter Bunny.

The bath toys are for the baby, but have already been “tested” out by the boys.

And the PJ set is for the girl once she gets a bit bigger – she’s in 2T now, and this runs small, so maybe next winter….maybe from Santa….hmm.

It’s official. I’m a cheapskate. And you know what? I’m OK with that.

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